Mel Gibson’s Dad In His Own Words(a documentary by David Cole, Robert Stark, & Matt Pegan)










Robert Stark, David Cole, and Matt Pegan discuss the documentary project they are co-directing about the life and legacy of Mel Gibson’s father Hutton Gibson. Check out the project on Indiegogo.


The passive style interview David conducted with Hutton Gibson to record his testament for posterity
The background of how David initially came into contact with Hutton
The agreement that the footage would not be released until his passing
Material in the doc about Hutton’s views on politics, history, theology, the Church, and family
The Passion of the Christ, and media allegations of antisemitism
Further controversies with Mel Gibson and how for a while he was shunned by many in Hollywood
Mel Gibson’s church, and the sedevacantist sect
The sequel to the Passion, The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection
Newsweek: Mel Gibson Film Might Alienate Evangelicals
The disrespectful obituaries from the New York Times and Showbiz411
The importance in making a doc that is unbiased, thought provoking, and addressing evergreen issues
Pitch to those who might have personal insight for the documentary
The full interview will be released as a special feature DVD

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