Robert Stark talks to Ryan England about Civil Unrest, Class, and Identity Politics












Robert Stark and Matt Pegan discuss the role of economic class and identity politics in regards to the recent protests and civil unrest and whether we can find a nuanced middle ground between polarized extremes. Ryan is based in Calgary, Canada and runs the blog Alternative Left. Follow the Alternative Left on Facebook.


Ryan’s Alternative Left project as an alternative to the regressive left
The dogmatic religious like fervor of the woke left vs. the traditional materialist left
Meet the anti-woke left
Ryan’s observations from the mostly peaceful protest in Calgary, Canada
Behind the epidemic of police killings in America: Class, poverty and race with the highest rates among low income men
Practical rather than polarized solutions to police brutality and militarization
Skepticism about whether the power structure will actually downsize the police state
The increased use of private security and potential of a privatized police state
Motives behind exploitative economic elites’ support for race based identity politics
Cornel West: Ta-Nehisi Coates is the neoliberal face of the black freedom struggle
How the racial wealth gap is more extreme among the older generation as opposed to the youth
The civil war inside The New York Times
The ramifications of the protests on the presidential election

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