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Robert Stark catches up with Logo Daedalus in the simulation













Robert Stark and Matt Pegan talk to Logo Daedalus about the current political climate and whether there’s any historical significance and deeper philosophical meaning to all this. Logo is the author of Selfie, Suicide: or Cairey Turnbull’s Blue Skiddoo and you can follow him on Twitter.


The different online tribes and how the weakest are based on ideology
Ideology as a pavlovian learned response
Thoughts on the protests, civil unrest, and Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone
The Woke Capital phenomenon, and why Logo thinks it’s more of an advertisement investment rather than political agenda
Why pointing out moral hypocrisy is an ineffective political strategy
The significance of Iconoclasm
How America is an economic zone, all politics are consumer choices, and Americans are tourists
Baudrillard’s concept of current events as part of the simulation
Kojève and the End of history
The need for a post establishment world view
How building communities, creative endeavors, and independent institutions are more important than politics
The need for neo-mercantilism as an alternative to neo-liberalism
The animalization of American life (future of humans as pets)
Why the Boiling frog theory is more likely than the collapse (World will be same but worse after ‘banal’ virus, says Houellebecq)
How the police will be co-opted into the woke agenda rather than defunded
Nathan for You and what makes effective satire
The Kerouac Pill
Logo’s upcoming book inspired by the Canterbury Tales

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