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Robert Stark talks to David Cole about School Busing in LA










Robert Stark talks to David Cole about the history of school busing in Los Angeles. Check out his series on the topic on Takimag.(Part I and Part II) David Cole is the author of Republican Party Animal.


The destruction of the concept of the neighborhood school
The demographic history of African Americans in Los Angeles, peak in the 80’s, and decline due to immigration and gentrification
Court orders mandating busing programs, even in cases where segregation was never mandatory
The issue of busing brought up in the democratic debates in regards to Joe Biden
The unpopularity of busing, among both Whites and Blacks
How LA’s sprawling nature made busing worse
David’s experience going to private school in 1978 to avoid busing
Why busing fails from a leftist perspective
The select elite of Black students who did benefit from busing
White Flight caused largely by busing
Incidents of violence
The anti-busing rebellion and the formation of Bustop in 1976 by Bobbi Fiedler
How mandatory busing was ended but voluntary busing continues
How LA’s public schools never recovered from busing

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