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Robert Stark talks about Andrew Yang and the Post-Nationalist Future











Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk about Robert’s Takimag article Andrew Yang and the Post-Nationalist Future


Yang’s objective is not to dismantle neo-liberalism but rather create a more humane version of it
Potential for cross pollination between right and left Yang supporters towards a dissident center
Trump’s failed last chance for American nationalism
Future political paradigm of neo-tribalism vs. enforced loyalty to mass society
How a UBI will lead to the formation of neo-tribes
Political campaigns as neuro-tribes
Pursuing one’s group interest as a minority in a Post-American future
How a UBI treats everyone equally, bypasses the middleman, and a step towards smart socialism
Unlike both capitalism and socialism, UBI is the only solution that is viable in an atomized society
How a social safety net combined with freedom of association is the only thing that can hold this nation together
Whether a UBI will solve issues such as declining birthrates and the sex recession
Yang Claims Universal Income Can Curb the Racism of His White Nationalist Fans
The personality of the technocratic engineer vs the lawyer in politics
Yang’s view of politics based on an understanding of psychology and human nature
Yang’s comment predicting anti-Asian violence which was taken out of context by conservatives
Materialist vs. idealist views on the roots of group-group violence
The UBI’s impact on class dynamics and danger of a neo-feudalist technocracy
Rethinking the American dream in terms of alternatives to the suburban home such as an arcology or self contained city
Whether smart socialism and urban renewal need a strong centralized state

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