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Robert Stark talks to Francis Nally about “Queer Culture”















Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk to Francis Nally about his new book Queer Culture: A Transgressive Tradition. An Introduction for The Normie and The Misguided Artist.


Culture outside the normative values of society
The “Queer Establishment” vs “Dissident Queer”
Issue of posers and pre-packaged “Queer Identities”
The “Queer Resume”
The need for an artistic elite or Aristocratic Radicalism
Why art is more important than politics
Literary and artistic figures including the Beatniks
New political movements forming on aesthetic impulses
Right-wing outsiders who defend the normative values
Capitalism co-opting “Queer Culture”
The benefits of a basic income
The Cult of the Extrovert
Francis’ Lexicon

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