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Robert Stark interviews Pilleater about Music & Manga












Robert Stark and Alex von Goldstein talk to Pilleater. Pilleater is a college student, internet artist, musician, and blogs at Mineo Maya Fanclub. You can find his music at pizzadogstudios, pso119, and kingtrode.

Topics include:

The intro song, pissedoffindianman by Pilleater , which features clips of Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor’s Shadows of the Rising Sun: A Critical View of the Japanese Miracle(1983)
How Pilleater was exposed to electronic music at a young age, and became a Chiptune musician at age 16 as DJ Qudo
Latter on Pilleater got into Noise music, such as Whitehouse, and Digital hardcore bands, such as Atari Teenage Riot, and KMFDM, who are controversial due to the Columbine Shooters
Oneohtrix Point Never, who was the forerunner to Vaporwave
Japanese Pornography similar to what you might see at websites such as teeni, and Pilleater’s point that it has a nationalist communal nature
The Ganguro culture in Japan, where girls tan their skin and bleach their hair, and is common in porn
Pilleater’s favorite music genre Eurobeat from the 90’s, it’s popularity in Japan, his favorite artist Bratt Sinclaire, Sinclaire’s song Running in the 90’s, and it’s origins from Italo disco from the 80’s
Generic Euro Dance(ex. Aqua and Dj Sammy)
The Italo disco song Shadilay, which came out in the 80’s by a band P.E.P.E with a frog on it’s album cover, and it’s esoteric Lyrics
Examples of Italo Disco include the global sensation Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy, and Pilleaters favorites, BRIAN ICE – Talking to the night, Eddy Huntington – Up And Down, and Lama – Love on the rocks
The New Retro Wave Genre of music that emerged in the mid 2000’s, inspired by 80’s New Wave and Italo Disco(ex. FM Attack, Lifelike – So Electric, Electric Youth, College, Kavinsky)
The French House band Daft Punk and their use of anime
Chicago house music
Vaporwave, and it’s nostalgia for William Gibson’s Neuromancer’s Japan
William Gibson’s Idoru
The anime film Akira(1988), set in a post apocalyptic Japan, and how it’s influenced Vaporwave, Cyberpunk, and New Retro Wave
The manga Patalliro!, about a ten year old cross dressing king, it’s colorful Art Nouveau aesthetic, it’s influence from
H. P. Lovecraft, and it’s taboo themes
Asian Aryianism and whites living vicariously through Japanese culture
Themes of Asian Aryanism in The Legend of Zelda, which combines Japanese and Medieval European Aesthetics
Asian Aryan themes in Vaporwave with Roman busts and Japanese aesthetics
The minimalist Japanese vs. Chinese aesthetics
How each music genre has it’s own unique aesthetic
The Seapunk electronic genre, which uses Sega Genesis imagery(ex.UNICORN KID)
Dark wave, which is apocalyptic electronic music from Germany(ex. Project Pitchfork, and Dunkerwerk)
Betsy & Chris, the white Hawaiian folk music duo, who sang in fluent Japanese
Stereolab, which reminds Pilleater of Rabbit’s AltLeft
Why Alex thinks Michael Jackson is an Alt Left Icon
Sam Hyde and Tim & Eric on Adult Swim
Pilleater’s upcoming book, “Almond Eyes, Baby Face,” a collection of short stories on Asian Aryanism

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