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Robert Stark interviews Alex von Goldstein












Topics include:

Alex’s ideological and philosophical journey
How Alex’s political views are where the dissident right meets the radical center
Alex’s upcoming podcast “The Lord of the Gadflies”
How Alex defines liberalism as modern society, a mutable force with different layers
America’s cultural homogenization
The pros and cons of individualism
How our world is at a point of disintegration(the Kali Yuga) and we are at a void
Why Alex supports Donald Trump primarily as a metaphorical symbolic figure against the globalist establishment
Donald Trump, “New York values”, and how he is searching for values of the American people
Radical Centrism, which is where the left and right overlap against the establishment
How giving out information is often more effective than pushing an ideological agenda
Alex’s view that it is important to maintain a European demographic majority, but rejects crude racial thinking such as disliking a person because of their race
The Red Pill, Blue Pill, Iron Pill, Bread Pill(Christianity) Yellow Pill(Libertarianism, Anarchism), and Black Pill
How the Red Pill is the rejection of the dominant values of society
How with the Red Pill one must develop their own world view and perception of the truth
How the Red Pill leads to either the Iron Pill, which is self improvement and self realization, or the black pill which represents alienation, nihilism, and despair
Christianity, Catholicism, and Spirituality
The Millennial generation, and how they are unique in the sense they were spoiled growing but now face a dire economic situation
The appeal of Bernie Sanders to Millennials
The NEET Phenomenon

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