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Robert Stark interviews Manuel Ochsenreiter on the Ukraine conflict















Robert Stark interviews journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter about the conflict in the Ukraine.

Topics include:
The referendum in the Crimea
False claims by the Western media of a Russia military invasion
How non-Russians in the Crimea view Russian annexation
Why many favor Russian stability over the unstable oligarchic regime in the Ukraine
The Right Sector as a NATO proxy
Response to arguments that Ukraine can be independent of both Russia and the West
Revisionist map and the significance of Serbia, Greece, Armenia, and Syria
Turkish politics
Eurasianism vs. Atlanticism
The currents situation in Germany
The significance of Germany in the Ukraine conflict
Whether the conflict could lead to a major war

Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston on The European Elections


Topics include:

•The recent elections in Europe
•How the elections were a referendum on the neoliberal establishment
•How European Nationalist parties are moving to the left economically
•How European Nationalist parties have appealed to constituencies of the left
•Whether the United State could see similar movements
•Ralph Nader’s call for a left right alliance against the corporate state
•Whether dissident movements could appeal to ethnic minorities in the future
•”Time For White Male Thick Libertarianism?”
•Libertarians who oppose free speech in the private sector
•Arguments about whether dissident political movements inspire mass murderers