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Robert Stark interviews Robert Lindsay about the Oregon Shooter

Another Incel Shoots up College, 10 Dead, 7 Wounded
4Chan Subculture and the post on R9K predicting the shooting
Beta Uprising
How America’s hyper individualism and atomization leads to mass shootings
The Oregon School Shooter and Asperger’s
Depression and Suicide
Homicidal Fantasies
Study: Males and Females Differ in How They Rate the Attractiveness of the Opposite Sex
What Is This Man Doing Wrong?(Why hasn’t Game Worked?)

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Robert Stark interviews Matt Forney about the Virginia TV Shooting


Topics include:

Did the Media Drive Gay Black Man Vester Flanagan to Murder Two Journalists?
The Black Lives Matter Movement which incites violence and has mainstream media and political support
How the Black Lives Matter movement is biased in favor of Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders
The life and psychological profile of Vester Flanagan
How Flanagan differs from the profile of white male shooters who tend to be more socially and economically marginalized
How we’re now averaging more than one mass shooting per day
Why mass shootings are on the rise
How we are seeing a whole class of people pushed to the economic margins
People with Asperger’s and how they are screwed in modern atomized society
How bizarre subcultures such as Bronies are forming in reaction to social marginalization
The Phenomenon of young men joining ISIS
How people will likely form new functioning communities in reaction to a broken society
Why the Manosphere’s Fear of ‘TradCons’ is Misguided And Cowardly
More on the Trump campaign and whether his populist stances will repudiate the stupidity of Reagan Conservatism


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Robert Stark interviews Aleksey Bashtavenko about Introversion & Extroversion

Alexey BashtavenkoRobert Lindsay







Robert Stark and co-host Robert Lindsay talk to Aleksey Bashtavenko about the differences between introversion and extroversion

Topics include:

How few people are purely introverted or extroverted but rather have tendencies to one or the other
Carl Jung’s Theory of Temperaments on psychological types and temperaments
How introversion and extroversion are temperaments which are inborn traits
How introverts suck in energy and extroverts push out energy
The book Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection which states that social isolation leads to serious psychological problems
Robert Lindsay’s statement that introverts are inhibited and rarely engage in aggressive behavior and how extroverts commit most violent crime
However introverts can build up rage and in some instances unleash that rage upon society (ex. Elliot Rodger, Ted Kaczynski)
The politicization of personality types and pop psychology (ex. The MBTI and Typology Central forums)
The argument that introverts are socially and economically discriminated against and how Robert Lindsay disagree’s with Aleksey’s assertion that they are not
Susan Cain: The power of introverts
Societal stereotypes and prejudices against introverts
How there is a lot more to personality theory than just introversion and extroversion

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Robert Stark interviews Robert Lindsay on Elliot Rodger


Topics include:

Elliot Rodgers Manifesto

Mental illness versus situational mental torment

Aspergers Syndrome

Bullying in adolescence

Elliot’s incidences of rage

Elliot’s racial identity

Narcissism and fluctuations in self esteem

The “nice guy” theme

Social Isolation

PUA Hate & Incels

Robert Lindsay’s misogynist and racist phases in the past

This is a transcript of the interview because the audio quality was so awful that it was very hard to listen to.

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