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Robert Stark interviews Rachel Haywire

Rachel Haywire














Robert Stark and guest co-host The Truth Will Live talk to Rachel Haywire

Rachel Haywire is an author and tech journalist from Los Angeles, California. She runs the dissident political magazine Trigger Warning( and was the founder of both the Extreme Futurist Festival and INSTED. Once upon a time she was also an industrial music producer and fetish model, who was featured in various anthologies about the occult, politics, philosophy, and alternative culture. She is now finishing up her degree in Philosophy, with a focus on applying Nietzsche to a modern day context. Her first book was a travel memoir called
Acidexia about her journey through the North American zeitgeist. Her New book out is The New Reaction published by Arktos.

Topics include:

Her ideological journey
How the cultural left has become the establishment
How the counter culture has become part of the mainstream culture
The physical appearance of liberals
How the far right and far left overlap
Her article Breaking up with Neoreaction
The concept of how there is the 98% of the conformist masses, the 1 % that exploits the masses, and the true 1% of free thinkers
Could a society of true free thinkers sustain itself
National Futurism
The concept of the Übermensch and how it should be based on free thinking as opposed to just physical traits
Whether Conformity is a genetic traits and how conformist are the untermensch
Transhumanism and how it could be implemented
Political Correctness and the exclusive focus on technology within Transhumanism
How Psychiatry can be used to stigmatize dissenting views
How PR has become more important than substance and ideas
The Thriving Pulse of Decadence

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Robert Stark interviews Ann Sterzinger











Ann Sterzinger is a writer, publisher of HOPELESS BOOKS , and Editor of Takimag .

Topics include:

Her Catholic upbringing and how she lost faith in religion
Her career in Journalism as a proofreader and freelance writer
The upper middle class women who dominate the journalism industry and why Ann finds them alienating
The modern left and how it has become dominated by upper class boutique issues as opposed to class issues
Why introvert writers develop dark alter egos in their work
Anti-Natalism and the tragedy of the human existence.
Her response to arguments against Anti-Natalism (ex. “Idiocracy” and ethno nationalism)
Her book NVSQVAM (Nowhere)
The theme of when the dreams of your youth are destroyed and you have to face reality
Her book The Talkative Corpse: A Love Letter
The concept of loserdom; Genuine losers vs. situational losers and those in between
How the changes in the economy have harmed high IQ introverts

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Robert Stark interviews Andy Nowicki about his Memoir Confessions of a Would-Be Wanker

confessions-would-be-wanker-200x300 Robert Stark talks to Andy Nowicki about his memoir Confessions of a Would-Be Wanker Purchase the memoir/manifesto at Amazon Here are a few excerpts published at Alternative Right This is a transcript of the interview because the audio was hard to listen to. Continue reading Robert Stark interviews Andy Nowicki about his Memoir Confessions of a Would-Be Wanker

Robert Stark interviews Matt Forney on Millennials
















Topics include:

Matt’s Takimag article Twit Planet about the Millennial generation, social media addiction, and sexual dysfunction
Roosh’s new book Poosy Paradise
How  Millennials are the least adventurous generation in recent history due to helicopter parenting and their economic situation
How the Millennial’s asset is that they have no memory of a functional society
How younger Millennials born in the 90’s have no memory of a world without social media
The Fourth Turning Theory on generations
Matt’s thoughts on the riots in Ferguson, Missouri
How the left and the right are equally intellectually bankrupt
The class war between the white Brahmins and white Vaishiyas
Matt’s thought on Living in the Philippines
How the Philippines is a much freer and socially open society than America
Matt’s observations on dating  in the Philippines
Matt’s review of Some Thoughts on Hitler and Other Essays by Irmin Vinson
How politically correct taboos are declining
Andy Nowicki’s video LET’S TALK ABOUT JEWS! about his rejection of obsessive anti-Semitism
Matt’s review of the film Are All Men Pedophiles?
America’s totalitarian laws about sex

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Robert Stark interviews Andy Nowicki about This Malignant Mirage











Robert interviews Andy Nowicki about This Malignant Mirage, the elegant new anthology of darkly erotic short stories.

Topics Include:

The Genre of erotica
Writing erotica from a traditionalist standpoint
Continuation of the theme of Telepathic relationships from “Beauty and the Least”
How political correctness and mass sexualization sometimes contradict each other
Laci Green and her piece on Sadomasochism
“The Rape of the Therapist”
How sex can be a dangerous force
Elliot Rodgers and the similarities between him and the themes in Andy’s work
Elliot Rodgers and 80’s Music
The theme of the ex nerd who wants revenge
The theme of Desperation and similarities to Dostoevsky
Trying to understand the motives of tragedies such as Mass Shootings and the reactions they bring out
A Story of a teacher falsely accused of a sex crime who takes his accuser hostage
The theme of sexualization of death
A desperate House Wife who dares her henpecked husband to have an affair

Robert Stark interviews Matt Forney on Elliot Rodger, Eroticism & Media Lies











Topics include:

Matt’s article on Elliot Rodger “Soulless in Santa Barbara”

How Spree Shootings signal the last days of a sick society

How Mark Ames “Going Postal” theories relate to the Elliot Rodgers case

Aaron Clarey’s “Enjoy the Decline”

Andy Nowicki’s “This Malignant Mirage”

Sexual deprivation

Kevin Smith’s Movie “Chasing Amy”

Media reactions to Elliot Rodger

PUA Hate vs. the Manosphere

How to talk about themes in the Manosphere without sounding like a total nerd

Matt’s book “Trolling for a Living”

Robert Stark interviews Paul Bingham











Robert Stark talks to Paul Bingham about his book Down Where the Devil Don’t Go published by  Nine-Banded Books. “In his debut collection of short fiction, Paul Bingham confronts us with four sardonic tales of men at war. A writer at war with himself. A hired gun at war with time. A soldier at war with peace. A TV executive at war with an audience he cannot understand. When hearts and minds are up for sale and every battle line is blurred, there is yet a war that rages … Down Where the Devil Don’t Go.”

Topics include:

Creating characters that exist in the real world

Men who take action vs. those who act in a less masculine way to get their point across

Stories from a Nietzschean perspective

Why Andy Nowicki will be vindicated as a great writer by the younger generation

The meaning of the title and how the Alternative Right is willing to explore taboo and dark aspects of human nature

Paul’s experience trying to create an AM Radio network

His American Onslaught show which he co-host with Daryl Basarab

His Bi Racial identity(white and American Indian) and his interest in ethnocentric movements

His views on how America’s heterogeneity makes it difficult to create organic identities

His research on communities in the Ozarks such as the Mennonites

Public Banking and infrastructure Reform

His involvements in electoral politics

His upcoming Rock Opera project

Robert Stark Interviews Andy Nowicki About His New Novella Beauty & the Least




The following text is Robert Stark’s transcript of an interview with Andy Nowicki for The Stark Truth. Unfortunately, the audio quality of the original interview turned out to be unfit for podcasting.

Continue reading Robert Stark Interviews Andy Nowicki About His New Novella Beauty & the Least

Robert Stark Interviews Matt Forney on The Managerial Revolution












Robert Stark interviews blogger Matt ForneyTopics discussed include:

Robert Stark Interviews Andy Nowicki on Heart Killer










Robert Stark interviews author Andy Nowicki about his latest novel Heart Killer. Topics discussed include:

  • The theme and basic plot of the novel
  • Revenge as a motive
  • The genres of the novel: crime, science fiction, erotica
  • The 1980s nostalgic dimension of the novel
  • The novel’s critique of the “game” and “pickup artist” community
  • How themes in the novel relate to Nowicki’s previous novels The Columbine Pilgrim and Under the Nihil
  • Nowicki’s belief in genuine hierarchy and sympathy for those crushed under arbitrary and absurd hierarchies
  • Nowicki’s article about Mark Ames’ book Going Postal