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Part II: Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about Cities

San Francisco Art Deco
















Topics include:

Charles’s experience living in London as a child in the 1960’s and an adult in the 1980’s, and Robert’s visit in 2002
Charles’s experiences in New York in the 1980’s and that era in film
The Brownstones of  New York and Boston and how they originally started out as single family homes
Art Deco
Mass Transit systems
The demographic transformations of London, New York, and Los Angeles
How mass immigration has led to an increase in the demand for housing in cities
Robert’s recent trip to San Francisco
Chicago’s grid pattern
How Los Angeles started out as car oriented suburbia but latter became denser while not upgrading it’s transit infrastructure
Santa Monica, California and how the 1994 Earthquake transformed the city
The revitalization of downtown Los Angeles
Dallas, Texas and how it’s following the patterns of LA
How whites are moving back to cities while non-whites  are moving to suburbs
How single family homes are being replaced by apartments
Why Charles’s views the single family home as the ideal for autonomy of living
How the increase in apartment living coincides with the decline of families
Whether the key issue is density itself or the quality of architecture
The appeal of urban living and why people are willing to sacrifice living space for that lifestyle
The New Urbanist movement which seeks to recreate walkable communities

Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about Las Vegas, New Orleans & Vice



Topics include:

Contrasting the histories of Las Vegas and New Orleans

The Ecological impacts of building cities in the Desert

How both cities serve a function as a destination for escape, hedonism, and vice

How Bread and circuses distract the masses

How without the Law there would be no Vice

How when Vice becomes suppressed it becomes more cruel

How New Orleans has gentrified since Hurricane Katrina

How the culture of New Orleans is one that enjoys life because it accepts death

How in New Orleans there’s no pressure to be either moral or immoral

The European cultural influence in New Orleans

The Cult of Youth

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Charles Lincoln talks about life in Beverly Hills














Charles Lincoln describes the transformation of Beverly Hills as a model for the transformation of American society and how we create corrupt elites overseas that come back to change our society into a prison planet where wealth is created by access to easy credit.

Topics include:

His article Beverly Hills at 100: who sets the style for this style-setting enclave?
Mansionization in Beverly Hills
The concept of nuisance as the origin of environmental law
How banks encourage and profit from over-development
How the transaction tax encourages over-development
The transformation of wealth and class in the United States
The Queen of Versailles
The Iranian Jewish community if Beverly Hills
The multi million dollar security plan for Beverly Hills High
How we create corrupt elites overseas that come back to change our society

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Luke Ford is Back!








Robert Stark interviews returning guest, journalist, and blogger Luke Ford.

Topics include:

Why Luke does not view racism as a legitimate concept
How writing on topics such as race are associated with a low social status
How Luke is unique in the sense that he has ties to both ethno politics as well as entertainment culture
Luke’s interview with comic Rachel Bloom
Luke’s appearance at Tom Sunic’s upcoming speech in Beverly Hills on September 21st
Why not every group is compatible with Western Civilization
Talking About Addiction, Recovery & Race With Comic Yoshi Obayashi
Robin Williams suicide and struggle with addiction
How the root cause of addiction is lack of attachment and insecurity
How Paranoia is also caused by lack of attachment and insecurity
More on the Santa Barbara killer and how open displays of sexuality highlight sexual differences
Luke tells a story from his High School years when he was rejected from a party
More on Luke’s one man play Eroticized Rage
Why men are attracted to teenage girls
Masters Of Sex TV Show
Is It Anti-Semitic To Say Jews Are Good With Money?
Why the word racism now mean criticism
Israeli Ingenuity Applied To Organ Transplants
Why Is Los Angeles Falling Apart?
More on Luke’s search for A Wife and how he was given an ultimatum between a girl and his blog
Why women are much more conformist than men
Jewish Women Are Hot
Men who are attracted to intelligent women
Does Promiscuity Make Women Happy?

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