Robert Stark talks to Ashley Messinger about the Richard Dawkins Eugenics Controversy











Robert Stark talks to Ashley Messinger about the controversy over Richard Dawkins’ Tweets on eugenics(First and Second). Ashley is based in the UK and writes for You can also find Ashley on Twitter.


Dawkins’ thought experiment that eugenics could work in practice but the ethical costs are not worth it
PC taboos against thought experiments from the moralistic Woke left
Dawkins as part of  THE GREY TRIBE
Eugenics as state policy versus private choices(ex. sperm donors)
CRISPR gene editing
How all societies select winners and losers, those favored to pass on their genes
Genes selected for ethnocentrism and religiosity
Fertility transitions(ex. population projections for the Mormons and Amish)
The impact of fertility trends on neuro-diversity
Dawkins’ book The Selfish Gene
Jayman’s sane and humane Solutions, including birth control, student loan forgiveness, and natalist tax incentives
The insanity of Trump cutting food stamps for single adults but not single parents
Ashley’s article Optimised Humanity, Towards Corvus Axolotlus on how traits for beauty have been selected
Former Borris Johnson aide Andrew Sabisky and the controversy over his comments on eugenics
Richard Dawkins’ past controversial comments on down syndrome, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment
Ashley’s article Utilitarianism and Rights to Life
Genetic traits and personality types selected for compassion towards animals
In vitro meat
“Germany, France push to end male chick ‘shredding’ in European Union”.

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