Robert Stark interviews Rabbit about Robert Heinlein










Science Fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein was an influential and controversial author of the genre in his time. Robert Stark and Rabbit discuss his work as well as his philosophical and political views.

Topics include:

How Heinlein is difficult to pigeon hole ideologically, having been associated with leftism, libertarianim, and fascism
How one can interpret his with their own ideology(ex.libertarians: The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, Hippies: Stranger in a Strange Land)
Rabbit’s view that Expanded Universe best demonstrates Heinlein’s outlook
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, which is about a lunar prison colony revolt
Counter-Currents article Heinlein for Right-Wingers
Heinlein’s Farnham’s Freehold about whites  being enslaved by blacks in the future and how the book has been interpreted as being both racist and anti-racist
Heinlein’s “contradictory” views on race
How Heinlein was an advocate of sexual liberation
Sex in Heinlein’s work and how he explored sexual taboos such as incest
Heinlein’s rejection of liberal democracy, and his belief that people must prove they are vested in society in order to participate in democracy
Heinlein’s economic views and advocacy of Social Credit
Heinlein’s  support for space exploration and belief in an infinite Universe
Heinlein’s Red Planet about a colony on Mars
Heinlein’s experiences with censorship
The vision of the future in Mid Century Science Fiction versus that of today
Mid Century Space Age aesthetics
Trad Youth’s critique of Rabbit’s Alt Left
Greg Johnson’s West Coast White Nationalism and how it is similar to the Alt Left
How Rabbit was part of the early hipster scene and how he saw it’s decline into trashy pop culture

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