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Robert Stark talks to Keith Preston about the Ukraine War

Robert Stark talks to Keith Preston about the geopolitics of the war in Ukraine. Keith Preston is a historian, social scientist, political analyst, author, lecturer, trends researcher, and the editor of Attack the System. Follow Keith on Twitter.


The Geopolitical background of the conflict, the unprovoked narrative, and NATO expansion
How sanctions often fail at their intention of brining about regime change
How the conflict is accelerating geopolitical realignments and the bifurcation between the West and a Eurasian block
The motives and military strategy of the Ukrainian government
Whether the Russian invasion of Ukraine would have been less likely to have happened under Trump
Neo-McCarthyism, Russo-phobia, and the crackdown on civil liberties
The rise in a convoluted hybrid of American nationalism and woke culture
Worst case scenarios of the war escalating into direct conflict between Russia and the US and NATO
The fragmentation and polarization of American society, enclavism and Bill Bishop’s Big Sort
Supply chain issues and the potential for a global economic crisis

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Robert Stark talks to Edward Dutton about the Coming Apart of Civilization

Dr. Edward Dutton is an English Anthropologist based in Finland and is the host of the Jolly Heretic on YouTube, and BitChute. You can follow Dutton on Twitter and check out his books on Amazon. His latest books are Sent Before Their Time: Genius, Charisma, and Being Born Prematurely and Witches, Feminism, and the Fall of the West.


The historical context of the Witch Trials as an era of harsh Darwinian selection
The impact of Malthusian selection pressures on fertility trends
Why populists or dissidents seizing power would not impede the incoming civilizational collapse
The evolutionary psychological motives behind woke culture, and why wokeness will wane out in the long run
Why techno-dystopian scenarios of the elite using technology to enslave the masses will not happen
How the rise in conspiracy theories are a sign of the winter of civilization
Why enclaves will be the Neo-Byzantiums of the future
The housing crisis and why NIMBYism is dysgenic
The social and psychological reasons to why terrorism will become much worse in the future
The scientific measurement of cycles of crisis, including the work of Peter Turchin and Jani Miettinen’s research on GENERATIONAL HORMONE CYCLES
The high probability of World War III and a global economic catastrophe this decade

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Robert Stark interviews Peter Nimitz about LA










Robert Stark talks to San Fernando Valley based commentator, Peter Nimitz about the demographics, culture, economy and politics of the Los Angeles region from the perspective of a transplant. Check out Peter’s interview about the Russian Revolution and follow him on Twitter.


LA’s class structure
City-Data Forum thread on demographic trends of the past decade by city
Immigrant groups in the LA region, including from Mexico, China, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Armenia, various European nations, and more recent community from Uzbekistan
Industry in LA, including entertainment, aerospace, tech, and shipping
Unique LA tropes/archetypes
Contrasting communities that have strong patronage networks with those that are more atomized
Poll on hypothetical proposal to base immigration on a local level
America’s neo-tribal future
The Double Horseshoe Theory of Class Politics and how that impacts how different demographic groups align politically
Crucial California issues of housing (YIMBYism), energy, water, and infrastructure being neglected by a one party state focused on national issues and a GOP that’s out of touch with younger voters and urban concerns
The degree to which LA’s post pandemic exodus and urban decay is overhyped
New urban development in LA (ex. futuristic complex planned in Beverly Hills) and metro expansions
The debate about education reform,

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Coronacast with Anatoly Karlin: Episode II
















Russian Unz Review blogger Anatoly Karlin returns to talk about the recent stats and political implications of the coronavirus pandemic. (Note updates have occurred since recording of show). Check out Anatoly’s updates on the pandemic on Twitter.


Why the US is still in the early stages, despite being number one in cases
Comparisons of different nations’ Case Fatality Rates, and dangers of the rates increasing as ICUs are overwhelmed
Effective precautions including the use of surgical masks and using AI to locate those who break quarantine
Where there are exponential growth rates and where there is stabilization
Correctly Estimating Coronavirus Infections
How the US was behind in testing but is now starting to catch up
The underestimated death rates(Corona Deaths In Italy 5x Higher Than Official Numbers?)
The nonsensical theory that the majority is already infected
Scenarios depending on what actions we take
Why we should not count on warm weather to slow the spread
Chinese, Russian Corona Aid Is 80% Useless (Says CIA?)
How world flights are at a standstill with the exception of the US
China closing its borders to prevent reinfection from elsewhere
The US’s focus on China’s role to cover up for its own incompetence
China Stakes Out the Post-Corona World
The inevitability of a recession which could be made worse with loosened quarantines
Why Trump will probably ignore promise to re-open the economy
Trump’s missed chance to reinvent himself with a UBI rather than the current bailout and one time rebate
The divide between the red and blue tribes over handling the pandemic
How there is no consistency in ideological patterns in how foreign governments have handled the pandemic
The irony over inter-generational narratives between conservatives and the anti-Trump dissident right
The political positions vindicated(nationalism plus left economics)
How the initial wave of the pandemic primarily impacted the wealthy then later spread to lower income areas
Why policy and social behavior is more important than the urban/suburban divide
Anatoly’s further observations on Moscow and Russia’s handling of the pandemic

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Robert Stark talks to Anatoly Karlin about The Syria Strikes, Russian Politics & Failure of Trump










Robert Stark and co-host Brandon Adamson talk to Anatoly Karlin. Anatoly blogs for The Unz Review and is on the Russian language podcast rogpr.


Douma and Dumber
John Bolton and the return of the Neocons
Trump using the strike to distract from Russiagate
Whether the strike is purely symbolic or could lead to a greater conflict
How there is no evidence of Assad using chemical weapons
The Saudi Israeli Alliance
How Can Russia Hurt the US?
Gloomy Presentiments
The Road to World War III
The geopolitics of China and India
Brandon’s article People Who Hate Each Other Against the War
Brandon’s article Tulsi Gabbard 2020 (or 2024) or Whom Would Magnum P.I. Vote For?
The re-election of Putin and Some Final Notes
Putin’s implementation of hate speech laws
Vladimir Zhirinovsky who Anatoly voted for as a protest vote
Anatoly’s Blackpill Scenario for the United States

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Robert Stark interviews Vincent Law











Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to . Vincent is based in Russia, blogs at Atavistic Intelligentsia, and co-hosts the Red Dawn Podcast


Vincent’s background being born in the Ukraine, growing up in the United States, and living in Russia
Identity and the importance of understanding ones roots
The generational divides in Russia
The effects of Communism on Russian Culture
The Yeltsin era in the 90’s, the populist backlash, and the rise of Putin
Social Nationalism, rejecting right wing economics, and why it’s crucial to appeal to factions of the disaffected left
Bobo Nationalism
The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Soul Theory
Cultural Appropriation, LARPING, and Elite Slumming
Chad Nationalism is a Bad Idea
Vincent’s observations from his recent trip to Sweden
Singh – A Sikh Perspective on the Alt-Right
The Alt-Right Should Support Gentrification
Moscow and Saint Petersburg’s architecture; Archeo-Futurism
Vince’s Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Novel Jak’s Play set in Saint Petersburg in the future, and the upcoming sequel set in Sweden

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Robert Stark interviews Paul Gottfried on Dugin & Neoconservatives
















Paul Gottfried recently retired as Professor of Humanities at Elizabethtown College, PA. He is the author of After Liberalism, Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt and The Strange Death of Marxism His most recent book is Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America.

Topics include:

Alexander Dugin and Martin Heidegger
The definition of Liberalism
The Eurasian school of thought
National Review’s Hit Piece on Dugin
How Neoconservatives attack their enemies such as Dugin as Fascist or Nazis
How Neoconservatives are a faction of the left
The Neoconservative View towards Russia
The Cold War and whether it was a mistake
The conflict with Russia in the Ukraine
Why Paleoconservatives tend to dislike Israel
Paul Gottfried’s upcoming book Fascism: The Career of a Concept


Robert Stark interviews Robert Lindsay on Russia & The Middle East

me-against-the-phone-table-10-00 (1)


Topics Include:

Why Robert stands with Putin
Why much of the Hard Left Is with Putin
Why Robert does not view Putin as an Imperialist
Russia as a bulwark against American Imperialism
Why Russia wants a multipolar world as opposed to America’s unipolar world
How the US is selective in it’s support for separatist movements
Oligarchs and how income inequality has been reduced under Putin
How Robert views Putin as being in between a Russian Nationalist and an Atlantic Integrationist
Some Ridiculous Anti-Russian Arguments
The lie that Russia has no allies in the former East Bloc or in the former USSR
The Jewish view toward Russia
The geographic history of the Ukraine
The Ukrainian Regime’s Nazi Policies
Russia’s alliance with Syria and Iran
The Project for a New American Century
How Robert views America and Israel as one monolithic country
Robert’s assistance to the Israeli organization DEBKA
How Robert’s Beyond Highbrow  leaked the picture of the dead Israeli soldier
The recent Israeli conflict in Gaza and why Robert basically takes a neutral stance
Sunni vs. Shia Islam
How Shia Islam is more moderate but is opposed by Israel
The Lebanese Civil War
The Arab Baathist Party and Saddam Hussein
Why Robert is willing to ally himself with Fascist against American Imperialism
Why the Progressive Project is the assimilation of the Jews from the Ghetto
Patrilineality and the tribal instinct to sleep with women of other groups while safeguarding your own
Roissy’s Stupid PUA Site and how unregulated sexuality mirrors right wing economics


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Robert Stark interviews Joaquin Flores

















Joaquin Flores is a spokesman for New Resistance, runs The Center For Syncretic Studies, and is a member of the Serbian Radical Party.

Topics include:

New Resistance

The Center For Syncretic Studies

How he started off on the radical left

Modern day Bourgeois Liberalsim

Bourgeois Nationalism versus Revolutionary Nationalism

Latin American movements such as the Sandinistas, Peronist, and Bolivarist

Why he chose Serbia as his center of operation

Why he predicts World War IV starting in Eastern Europe

The situation in the Middle East

European Nationalism and the New Right

The need for a Left/Right alliance against the Plutocracy


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Robert Stark interviews Manuel Ochsenreiter on the Ukraine conflict















Robert Stark interviews journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter about the conflict in the Ukraine.

Topics include:
The referendum in the Crimea
False claims by the Western media of a Russia military invasion
How non-Russians in the Crimea view Russian annexation
Why many favor Russian stability over the unstable oligarchic regime in the Ukraine
The Right Sector as a NATO proxy
Response to arguments that Ukraine can be independent of both Russia and the West
Revisionist map and the significance of Serbia, Greece, Armenia, and Syria
Turkish politics
Eurasianism vs. Atlanticism
The currents situation in Germany
The significance of Germany in the Ukraine conflict
Whether the conflict could lead to a major war