Robert Stark talks to David Cole about The Right’s Trump Fatigue












Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk with David Cole about the Right’s disillusionment with Trump. David Cole writes for Takimag and is the author of Republican Party Animal.


David’s article Twilight of the God Emperor
Ann Coulter : Trump’s Failing. Don’t Ask Me to Lie About it
Ann Coulter: Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes a Ridiculous Waste of Time’
The reasons that Trump is ignoring the concerns of his base
How the election is not Trump’s to win but Democrats’ to lose
How employment stats are like Nielsen Ratings
How it is easier for politicians to tell people they are doing poorly than defend the status quo
Never Trumpers warming up to Trump who is now basically a standard big business Republican
Robert’s Takimag article on Andrew Yang demonstrates that the Right has basically given up on stopping mass immigration
How Dystopian Science Fiction Films often deal with class but not race
The disenfranchisement of the White proletariat in South Africa
Whites exploiting their physical appearance
How Ann Coulter’s comment that immigration policy should be run like Tinder was inspired by a discussion with David on South African actresses
David’s article Stop With the Golems, Already! about congresswoman Ilhan Omar

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