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Robert Stark interviews Sebastian Ronin
















Sebastian Ronin is the founder of the Renaissance Party of North America and the President of the Canadian branch

Topics include:

Mr. Ronin’s involvement with the Green Party in Canada in the 1980’s

How he ran for office under the Green Party on a soft Nationalist Plank

Why he broke ways with the Green party over the issues of decentralization and bioregionalism

Why he opposes the reactionary right

Why we live under deracination which means to be pulled up by ones roots

Why we have to reinvent instead of recreate the past

How he was involved with the original North American New Right

Building a movement where the radical right and radical left overlap

How the issue of race creates a barrier to the left and right working together

How Peak Oil will restructure society

How deindustrialization caused by Peak Oil will return the earth to a carrying capacity of 2 Billion people

Global Warming

His book Anschluss

His response to the reactions over his comments on Anders Breivik


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Robert Stark interviews Max Marco of the Renaissance Party of North America








Max Marco is the Chairman of the American Branch of the Renaissance Party of North America.

Topics include:

How the Renaissance Party was originally recreated in Canada by Sebastian Ronin

The need to reject the left right paradigm

Why they reject reactionary right wing movement’s such as white nationalism

Why they reject Americanism and symbols of America

The differences between ethno nationalism and white nationalism

Secessionist Movements such as the League of the South and the Second Vermont Republic

Bio Regionalism

Peak Oil and how it will recreate localized economies

Ecological based economics


Position of Social Issues


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Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston about Distributism
















Robert Stark talks to Keith Preston of Attack the System for a written interview.

Topics include:

Keith’s interest in alternative economics that opposes both capitalism and socialism such as distributism
Why third way economics theories have limited influence but a large potential audience
A Traditionalist critique of Capitalism
Chesterton and Belloc’s views on Nationalism, Eugenics, and Imperialism
How Marxist viewed Distributism as a Petit Bourgeois movement
The Distributist critique of the welfare state versus the modern conservative view towards poverty
Taxation policies such as a Negative Income Tax and Asset Tax

Transcript of Interview:

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Robert Stark interviews Joaquin Flores

















Joaquin Flores is a spokesman for New Resistance, runs The Center For Syncretic Studies, and is a member of the Serbian Radical Party.

Topics include:

New Resistance

The Center For Syncretic Studies

How he started off on the radical left

Modern day Bourgeois Liberalsim

Bourgeois Nationalism versus Revolutionary Nationalism

Latin American movements such as the Sandinistas, Peronist, and Bolivarist

Why he chose Serbia as his center of operation

Why he predicts World War IV starting in Eastern Europe

The situation in the Middle East

European Nationalism and the New Right

The need for a Left/Right alliance against the Plutocracy


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Robert Stark interviews Kerry Bolton on Peron & Peronism














Robert Stark talks to Kerry Bolton about his book “Peron and Peronism,” on Argentina’s Juan Person and his legacy. “Peron and Peronism is published by Black House Publishing.

Robert Stark interviews Greg Johnson on Wealth Redistribution


Robert Stark interviews Greg Johnson on wealth redistribution and related topics:

  • Libertarian and the Tea Party as attempts to channel white political and economic anxieties into free market policies
  • How the threat of the underclass should not distract middle class whites from the threat of the overclass, which is shipping their jobs overseas and importing non-white workers
  • Why the Right desperately needs to deconstruct free market economic orthodoxy
  • Why it is a good idea to cap incomes
  • Populism as a moral principle
  • Why classical republicanism require a strong middle class
  • Why maintaining the middle class requires junking free market orthodoxy
  • Why redistributing wealth as a normal day-to-day policy is a sign of social imbalance
  • Why wealth redistribution does not need to be part of an egalitarian, socialist policy
  • Why a single massive redistribution of wealth after a revolution would be desirable
  • How to recapitalize and reindustrialize America
  • Why populism requires meritocracy
  • Why meritocracy requires a way to ensure downward as well as upward mobility
  • Why political and intellectual independence require economic independence
  • The Koch brothers
  • Distributism: why we want private property broadly distributed; why we want more small capitalists and fewer big ones
  • The craziness of the real estate market
  • Why mortgage interest deductibility is a racket that creates higher house prices and benefits banks
  • Why it is a good idea to limit the number of houses people can own
  • The prospects of breaking the ruling coaltion of plutocrats, public employee unions, and the underclass
  • The destruction of the white middle class in California and the creation of a Third World style plantation economy
  • Why the antebellum South was a form of capitalism not an aristocratic or feudal society
  • Some recommended reading by Greg Johnson: “The End of Globalization,” “Thoughts on Debt Repudiation,” and “Money for Nothing
  • Why Counter-Currents wants to publish more writings on Social Credit

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