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Robert Stark Interviews Robert Lindsay















Why the mainstream left rejects him for his opposition to Political Correctness, Radical Feminism, Illegal Immigration, and the Critical Race Theory.
The Silicon Valley’s H1b Visa program and how its destroying white programmers
How Bill Gates Forces You to Buy and Use His Crap
Why the Cable Monopolies Suck
Small Business = Good, Big Business = Bad
Why Microsoft  and  Intel Sucks
The “Necessary Level of Unemployment”: An Example of the Craziness of Capitalist Economics
Portrait of the Billionaire as a Monster
The Gangster Bolshevick Movement
Intelligence and Personality Types of the Rich
The Myth that a High IQ Nearly Guarantee Riches?
The Paradox of very High IQ types
The life of the mind versus the life of the senses
IQ and Extroversion
Extroversion and  Crime
Robert Lindsay the Sigma Male
Controversial photographers Jock Sturges and David Hamilton

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