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Robert Stark interviews Italo Disco Artist Andy Fox













Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Italian musician and composer Andy Fox. Check out his music on SoundCloudBandcampFacebook, and Twitter


Intro Song: “Tempus Fugit EP” (OUT NOW! on Sunlover Rercords)
Creating New music inspired by 80’s Italo disco; The New Retro Wave Genre
Andy’s background in music and early influences including Martinelli and Scotch
The aesthetics of Andy’s album covers
80’s Italian Design, Car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, Fashion, and Ugo La Pietra’s Interior Designs
The Synth of Nu Shooz – “I Can’t Wait”, and how it reminds Pilleater of Andy’s music
The Nu-disco genre
Andy’s music based on work by new artists
Vocals by Laura for his song Fly Away 
Andy’s favorite synthesizers

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Robert Stark interviews Patalliro fan artist Alex Su

Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview Alexuu-san. Alex is an artist that draws a lot of Patalliro! and The King of Fighters yaoi art. She has a Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Tumblr.


Alex’s interested in the anime Patalliro and King of Fighters
The American Patalliro fanbase
The Smokey Violet fan tumblr about Maraich Juschenfe
Mineo Maya’s art, the aesthetics of Patalliro, art nouveau
The controversy behind Patalliro, being the first yaoi anime ever
Booru websites, Danbooru, Gelbooru, Hentai art similar to what you might find on and anime search engine, Ganguro vs. Gyaru fashion
Favorite Patalliro episodes
Alex’s Ask Maraich Tumblr Page
The “Asian Aryan” aesthetic to Patalliro’s fantasy kingdom, The Legend of Zelda
How anime art will become real and will shape the people of the future, Asian-Aryanism
TThe recent stage play for Patalliro in Japan
The pornographic nature of Patalliro
Kaze to Ki no Uta lle
Art Nouveau influence to Patalliro and Kaze to Ki no Uta, Czech artist Alphonse Mucha
Robert and Pilleater’s art and novels
Kero Kero Bonito, Mitski, Clover & Sealife, Asian-Aryan aesthetics in music
Pilleater’s documentary about sexuality in Star vs. the Forces of Evil
My Life as a Teenage Robot, Mighty B!, Bee and Puppycat, Cartoon shows for adults like which are strictly aged 18 and over.
The cartoon lifestyle evolving towards Asian-Aryanism, The Anime Right, Kappa Mikey
Mineo Maya’s daughter retweets Alex’s art tweet, Maya’s interesting personality

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Robert Stark interviews Joshua David McKenney

Joshua David McKenney and Doe Deere holding two Pidgin Dolls in the artist's home - Brooklyn, NY PHOTO: Eric Motika
















Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to doll-artist, fashion/beauty illustrator, Joshua David McKenney. He operates Pidgin Doll. You can follow him on Instagram.


Joshua’s background in art and interest in dolls
Marina Bychkova and Enchanted Doll
Little Miss No Name and Blythe Dolls
Designer Toys, Juxtopoz, Kidrobot, Vinyl Will Kill
The personality of dolls
Davecat and his doll wife, Sidore Kuroneko
Joshua’s illustrations and their Art Deco influence
Japanese art, anime, manga influences
Trevor Brown and sexuality
Kurt Halsey and innocence
Joshua’s designs for his dolls
Print All Over Me
Attitude of clothing
Japanese audience, Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty
Sayoko Yamaguchi and her films
Mass production
Joshua’s collaboration with Teen Vogue
Nintendo’s Amiibos and toy culture in the mainstream
Funko’s ReAction Toys
Collecting and Reselling
A doll as a real person

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Robert Stark talks about Mishima, Taxi Driver, & Aristocratic Individualism

















Robert Stark discusses the films Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters and Taxi Driver

Topics include:

Paul Schrader, who wrote both films, and directed Mishima
Schrader as a subversive non-conformist who exists within Hollywood culture
The theme of alienation in both films
The Nietzschean theme of a weak man empowering himself
The life and legacy of Yukio Mishima
How both Yukio Mishima and Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver are similar archetypes, existing in different environments
How both characters are aristocratic individualists, who envision an ideal world that is at odds with their current situation
An Aristocratic Individualist is someone who follows their own path instead of submitting to societies standards
Aristocratic Individualism is about having a clear vision for an ideal society, rather than individualism in the sense of everyone doing what ever they want
Examples of Aristocratic Individualists include, J. R. R. TolkienAleister CrowleyOscar Wilde, H. L. MenckenDavid LynchRichard WolstencroftSalvador DalíJonathan Bowden,Ernst Jünger, and Friedrich Nietzsche
The theme of romantic rejection, and the corrupting nature that sex plays in both films
Mishima’s story, The Temple of the Golden Pavilion
How Aristocratic Individualists resent that they are being denied their rightful place in society, and the normie response that it’s a coping mechanism for losers
How Aristocratic Individualists take actions that can lead to either greatness or alienation
How Yukio Mishima rebelled against Japan’s process of modernization and Americanization
The scene where Yukio Mishima spoke to leftist college students, stating that he is fighting  against the same forces they are, but they dismissed them
The parallels to to how European New Right thinkers such as Alain de Benoist share views with the dissident left( ex. anti globalization, anti-consumerism, anti-imperialism, and pro-environment)
How Yukio Mishima was dismissed in his time, but dissidents are later validated in times of turmoil
Mishima’s Japanese minimalist aesthetic vs. Taxi Driver’s urban grittiness of 70’s New York City
New York Neon: Taxi Driver locales in Time Square, and “porn tourism,” which seeks out the remnants that have survived gentrification
The Neo-noir genre
The Retro-futurist theme in Mishima, combining ancient Japanese culture with the 80’s vision of the future(Vaporwave)
Eiko Ishioka, who was the art director for Mishima
The fantasy dream sequences in Mishima, and the dream like quality to 80’s films which are the essence of art
Bernard Herrmann‘s Jazz score for Taxi Driver, which captures the feeling of alienation and urban grittiness, and  Philip Glass‘s minimalist classical score for Mishima
Aristocratic Individualist Fashion style including designer Comme des Garçons and the director John Waters

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Robert Stark interviews The Truth Will Live about Cultural & Aesthetic Decline

Photo on 5-12-15 at 5.00 PM #2













Topics include:

Her Art History Major in College
Her take on modern art and how it was innovative at first but has become repetitive
Why the mainstream right has little interest in arts, culture, and aesthetics
The decline of cities and the creation of bland suburbs
How mainstream conservative view the destruction of historic communities as part of the “free market”
How the Alternative Right attracts creative types and takes a more Eurocentric outlook
Why the people  and culture is more important than economics in having a successful society
How there is something Spiritual and Transcendent about aesthetic beauty
Anarcho Tyranny which is an imposed standard of no standards
How standards in fashion have declined
How the upper class are emulating the aesthetic standards of the proletariat
The role of Aesthetics in Judaism and Jewish Culture

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