The Stark Truth With Robert Stark: A Legacy 2009-2018












The Stark Truth With Robert Stark: A Legacy 2009-2018 is available from Lulu.

In half a decade, this man has published almost 600 radio shows about fringe politics, eccentric celebrities, and mind-expanding topics for extroverted intellects. This isn’t Robb Stark of Game of Thrones. This is Robert Stark, host of his long-running show, The Stark Truth.

This book introduces a new audience to the secluded and very underrated work of Stark’s radio show and art. Inside you will find,

-A personal interview with the legend himself
-A complete checklist of every Stark Truth show ever published
-Stark’s old writings
-Three published transcripts for complete newbies
-A very short film review by James J. O’Meara
-And an afterword/witness experience by Brandon Adamson

To this day, many are confused about the existence of this “American journalist” named Robert Stark. …Until now. A must-have collector’s item from the man that brought you Journey To Vapor Island.

Brought to you by Robert Stark’s Paintings and his novel Journey to Vapor Island