Robert Stark, Rabbit, and Alex von Goldstein talk about the 2nd Presidential Debate, Milo & the Alt Left









Trump’s debate performance far exceeded the first debate, and was consistent yet combative from the beginning
How despite that Trump did more to solidify his base, rather than appeal to undecided voters
How Trump responded to the leaked lewd comments of his
Trump vows to get rid of carried interest loophole, despite his support for tax cuts for the top 1%
WikiLeaks Dump: Hillary Dreams of ‘Open Trade and Open Borders
Excerpts from $Hilary Clinton$’s $Wall Street Speeches$
How Hillary Clinton represent the worst of both the left and right(ex. corporate plutocracy, anti-worker, anti-white and male discrimination, and a Neoconservative foreign Policy)
In contrast, Bernie Sanders proposed policies that would of benefited the working and middle classes, and like Trump posed a threat to the establishment
How the political ideal would be to combine the best aspects of Trump and Sanders(ex. Radical Centrism)
How Trump’s economic policies are not ideal, but he is going as far as he can within the limits of the GOP’s overton window
Healthcare in the debate, how Trump focused on criticizing Obamacare, but only briefly touched on his proposal to allow insurance companies to compete over state lines
Robert’s point that in the American Healthcare model your screwed if you can’t afford healthcare, but in the public model in England where he lived everyone gets healthcare, but the quality is not the same as private hospitals in the United States
Rabbit’s point that socialized medicine works best in small homogeneous societies, but not on a large scale in the United States
Robert’s point that the Swiss Model for Health Care is the best out of existing models, but ideally insurance should be a usury free public utility
Trump correctly admitted Russia, Iran and Assad are a counter balance to ISIS and Wahhabism, to the dismay of GOP foreign policy hawks
Why there needs to be restrictions on democracy
Rabbit’s article A Proposal To Go Away, about the Alt Left, and how many of the new members are saying that Rabbit isn’t Alt Left, despite being involved much longer
How Alt Left founder Robert Lindsay has been involved in left race realism  for a long time
The article Sub Types on the Alternative Left, and how Rabbit, as well as Robert and Alex fit into the Left Wing of the Alt Right
How the Trump’s campaign, Milo, and Breitbart are bringing mainline conservatives into the Alt-Right, and the Alt-Left is attracting disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters, who still hold onto a degree of political correctness
Rabbit’s article Milo Inc. – Not One of Ours Either, about how Milo is a mainstream capitalist conservative not Alt -Right, and supports importing foreign tech workers, and a neoconservative foreign policy
How despite that Milo has been useful in trolling political correctness
How Rabbit’s socially liberal views, and interest in futurism and modern art often make him feel out of place in the Alt-Right
Robert’s point that the Alt-Right is adopting Retro Futurism, New Retro Wave/Synthwave, and Vaporwave(ex. Alt-Right Synthwave Artist Xurious)
Rabbit’s response that they are attracted to the aesthetics and popular memes, but still hold onto reactionary traditionalist views
Rabbit’s article Blood, Soil and Food Courts, about the demise of the 70’s and 80’s malls

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