Robert Stark interviews Ellen Brown
















Robert Stark interviews Ellen Brown. Topics include:

Ellen’s book, The Web of Debt;
The history of banking;
The benefits of public banking;
The reason for the illegal immigration and how the bankers looted Mexico’s banking system;

Ellen Brown is an American lawyer and author who since 2008 has become a well-known monetary reformer, mostly because of her book The Web of Debt. She has also written several books about alternative medicine. She is currently chairman and president of the Public Banking Institute, which is an organization that promotes public banking in the United States and elsewhere.

In The Web of Debt she analyzes the Federal Reserve and the private money cartel. The analysis is peppered with quotes from The Wizard of Oz, which she believes is an allegory about the need for monetary reform. She explains how the monetary cartel usurped the power of the vast majority of the global human population to create money out of thin air by so-called fractional-reserve banking, and also the negative impact this has on the well-being of people. In short, the consequences is that the debt increases in the world and the banks’ power increases. One of the solutions she sees for USA, and also for other countries, is a bank system which is used in North Dakota by The Bank of North Dakota.

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