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Robert Stark interviews Bimbo Ubermensch









Robert Stark and Matt Pegas talk to model turned shitposter Bimbo Ubermensch about modeling, online discourse, and social trends. Bimbo Ubermensch is based in Toronto, originally from North Carolina of Coptic Egyptian decent, and is the face of liquid modernity. You can hit her up for her doodles on Twitter.


Online subcultures: the memes “Tradthot” and “Lindy”, and online “autists” as an alternative cathedral
Bimbo’s modeling background, thoughts on the direction of the industry, and trends in beauty standards
Canada as the first post-national nation
Urbanism, the lack of shared spaces, and The Politics of Aesthetics Revisited
The decline of mainstream comedy and recommendations of dark comedies Spree and I’m Just F*cking with You
The economics of gender issues
Dystopian future trends
Thoughts on neoliberalism, the PMC class, woke culture, and Trump and Bernie

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